Hi World it’s Yolanda :)

The darker the romance… the sweeter the love

 The Darker Romance… The Sweeter the Love is currently my tagline and what I hope to showcase in my books. The Darker Side of Romance is not necessarily about ethnic characters. It’s about new adult stories touching on darker themes.  In my story His Source the heroine is dumped because her ex’s clan is racist and wants him to have a girlfriend from his culture. Racism is indeed a darker theme but I firmly believe when characters have darker obstacles to overcome their romance is sweeter and more emotion is involved in the story.

I live by the mantra: “Write what you like to read.”  I love reading the works of authors who write stories that have emotional and complex conflicts the hero and heroine have to overcome in order to be together. The new adult genre captures these edgy themes perfectly.  In order to make my new adult novels emotional, I usually think of various, painful reasons a relationship (for the 18-27 year old demographic) falters and come up with a field of concepts to write about.

So if you are like me and enjoy romance with intensity follow me on twitter @YolandaAshton.

Later Babes!

Y. Ashton

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