Some Other Things…..

Besides my random blogs about books (I write and read), life and my favorite TV shows/movies (can’t wait to see Thor: The Dark World) I’ll include the following on my blog:

 Monday is “Astrology Meltdown.” I’m an astrology buff and love to discuss sign compatibility, unusual qualities, and general info about astrological signs. Starting next Monday I’ll feature posts about a different astrological group or a different astrological sign. So if you enjoy all things dealing with astrology visit on Monday and enjoy this astrological treat. I’ll even answer questions ;).

 Thursday is “Thirty Question Thriller”- Thirty questions designed to help readers meet great authors. Interested? Email me at yolanda.ashton at yahoo dot com. First come first served. Don’t forget to include the date you’d like to be featured.

 I love to read as much as I love writing. So I’ll be participating in all sorts of blog hops and blog tours. Visit regularly to learn about great reads.

 I’m also a habitual tweeter follow me Twitter

Later Babes 🙂 





































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