Astrology Meltdown Monday

I have always had an interest in Astrology and have spent a good deal of my 30+ years researching the subject and reading anything I could about it. This has lead me to have a great understanding of how the stars influence people. Hope you enjoy 🙂

Let’s start with the Air Signs! Zodiac members of this family are:
Libra (September 23- October 22) Aquarius (January 20 – February 18) Gemini (May 21- June 20)
This is my favorite group (doesn’t hurt that I’m a Libra). These are some of the general traits a good percentage of this group displays. 

Intelligent- Air signs are usually well versed on a variety of topics. They’re tastes are eclectic. They are wonderful conversationalists and are able to understand all viewpoints in discussions.

Non-judgmental: Most Air signs are open-minded and flexible. They tend to believe people should live as they wish because ultimately they are the ones dealing who have to deal with the consequences.

Trendy/Attractive- Most Air signs love to dress nice and take pride in their appearance. If one is met that isn’t, it’s usually because they’re depressed, heartbroken or they’ve been beat down by life. 

Loyal Friends- If your character has an air sign as a friend they are usually loyal unless you betray them. An Air sign has got your back. Just remember to the favor needs to be returned- people tend to take advantage of Air signs because of their loyalty.

Pleasant- This group is usually a pleasant bunch. They are genuinely nice people who care for others. A lot of other signs mistake their niceness for weakness. If that mistake is made things get ugly really quickly.

Their downside: As beautiful as this group is they have some negatives (hard to believe right?).

Intellectually snobbish-Air Signs tend to look down on people who are narrow-minded, loud, obnoxious and show there lack of intelligence as soon as they open their mouths).

Manipulative- This group will use their intelligence to their advantage and will manipulate situations and people to suit their needs.

Conceited- This group thinks very highly of themselves (and usually has no problem letting you know it). They can be selfish and very demanding. Best way to handle them is to put your foot down and keep it down. They will try to wear you down. As long as you stay consistent and mean it (no matter how convincing they come across) hold your ground.

Faithless and/or flirtatious – Unless you are the” one”, they may cheat on you. This sign definitely is always looking for their soul mate. They also enjoy interacting with the opposite sex (or same sex) very much. Most of their flirtations are harmless. They enjoy harmless banter with a pretty face or pretty body.

Money issues- Air signs usually love to shop and enjoy the finer things in life-whether they can afford it or not. They can blow through money treating themselves (and in some cases you) because they feel it’s deserved. If you’re in a relationship with one of them, make sure the other partner is in control of the finances.

Superficial- Yes this group is sometimes dazzled by the beautiful. They also can and will treat a person poorly based on appearance.

These are just some of the general characteristics of Air Signs. *Please remember this information is for entertainment purposes only and is based on my years of “people watching” and personal research*

Next Monday I’ll discuss the Air sign leader-Libra.

Comments or Questions..Let me know what you think?

Until Later….. Yolanda

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