Astrology Meltdown Monday-The Libra

This week I’m diving into individual Air Signs. My favorite the Libra (and my sign) is up first. Let’s dig in 🙂

Libra (September 23- October 22)

Characteristics of a Libra:

Quirky- This sign marches to the beat of a different drummer in terms of intellectual interests. They love conversations about the offbeat. Independent (except in relationships). A Libra may allow their partner to take the lead in order to keep the peace. Non-confrontational unless it’s about something they strongly believes in or if they’ve been hurt or used. If it’s a subject that’s not important to a Libra they are the epitome of compromise.

Very intuitive- A Libra can spot a phony a mile away. Never lie about something or pretend to be something you’re not with a Libra. Not only can this sign sense when another is lying, they will call the other out on it (either directly or indirectly).

September Libras tend to be more introverted (like to read books, eat at restaurants solo, watch movies solo) than October Libras  (who loves to party, are outgoing and have crazy tempers). Libras are a Cardinal Sign which basically means they push things forward and of the Air signs are first to initiate things. Cardinal signs are the leaders of their zodiac group. They usually have a majority of the traits (positive and negative) that characterize what an Air Sign stands for.

Libras are all about fairness and hate the injustices of the world. This sign will actually lose sleep thinking about the underdog’s situation. Because Libras take people at face value they can come across as gullible. It’s not that they believe anything someone tells them. Actually they will believe what you tell them because they believe in honesty and try to see the bright side about everything and in everyone. This sign is genuinely nice (unless something traumatic has happened to harden their hearts).

This sign does not like loud people at all. They don’t want to attract negative attention. Some Libras actually want no attention. They prefer to handle things behind the scenes. When a Libra’s scales are out of whack they are evil (meaning grumpy, short-tempered and mean). They can be snappy and generally don’t like to be bothered when they are having issues. A Libra issue could be about anything. They are sensitive creatures who get off balanced and upset from clutter (in their house or room); colors that are too harsh (yellow for example). Things have to be harmonious and balanced in all aspects of their lives are they’re scales are off balanced. The Libra enjoys sex more when they have an emotional connection with the person.

Libras have the potential to be heavy drinkers, particularly when they are heartbroken, depressed or upset. While they are great for drafting plans and talking you into action-Libras have a follow through problem. They get real hyped about something and can lose steam just as quickly. Do not believe for a second that because a Libra appears nice and gentle they can be taken advantage of. Nothing makes a Libra angrier than being seen as weak or being made a fool of. When a Libra (September or October) loses control of their tempers- all Hell should break loose. Remember that Air destroys. It can rip through earth and water and blow out fires. It is an essential element for survival on Earth.

Libras will have a very strong lazy streak that manifests at jobs they consider beneath them or not their true passion. On the flip side if it’s a job something they love, Libras will be the hardest worker ever. Libra is not generally going to be good with money. It seems to run through their fingers no matter how hard they balance their budget or spend frugally. If the Libra sees a shirt or a pillow that speaks to them (no matter the price) they will get it. After all it may not be there later.

So Libras and other Libra lovers- How accurate was I? Did I hit the nail on the head or miss the mark by a mile? 



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