Astrology Meltdown Monday

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

The Air Sign discussion continues. This week characteristics of an Aquarius will be discussed. Let’s dig in:

Aquarius is the quintessential humanitarian. They are futurists who want the world to truly be a better place for all mankind. They focus a majority of their efforts trying to make government and other institutions responsible and work more efficiently for people. Because they believe in their cause(s) so much they can effortlessly convince others they are an essential component of the process.

An Aquarius is a charismatic and personable person who tends to have a lot of true friends (friends who are loyal to them). Your Aquarius friend, relative or partner places a high value on friendship and is usually devastated when one of their friendships is ruined (more devastated then when a romantic relationship breaks up).

They tend to take people at their word. So others should be very careful about giving a promise about anything, the Aquarian will hold them to it. They will also never forget if you break a promise to them (they’ll remind you of it occasionally). An Aquarian loves to travel to exotic places. They generally are not homebodies (unless they’re in a funk or sick). They also love their space and freedom. They do not like to be restricted in anyway. Their partner should respect that in order for the relationship to be successful. Even their clothes should allow for freedom of movement.

An Aquarius is and usually sets the trends in fashion. They are known for their unique ensembles. Aquarius often suffers from the Aquarian burden of moodiness. The Water Bearer carries a heavy load on their shoulders, this load can make them cranky, selfish, hateful and sometimes just plain mean. Usually when they figure out a solution to whatever issue is bothering them they’re friendly again. Aquarians have volatile tempers. It tends to rear its ugly head when they feel ignored, slighted or insulted. The quickest way to deal with it is ignore them when they throw their fits of rage. They are also very stingy with money.

An Aquarius falls in like quick and loves to juggle different romantic relationships. They will not be intimate in all of them-each has a purpose. One relationship may be mental (conversation is great and intellectually stimulating), another physical (amazing sex) and another social (go out to eat, party together).

Usually Aquarians should only fall in love a few times during their lifetime. Many water bearers only fall head over heels once. Once their heart is broken it will take a long time for them to trust the concept of love again (if ever). The guards around their heart will be up. In the mean-time Aquarius will date a lot and not be serious about anyone.

All right Water Bearers let me know if I’m right or wrong. Leave a comment below.

Until Later


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