Astrology Meltdown Monday~The Gemini

This week I’m discussing the sign of the twins; The Gemini

Gemini (May 21- June 20)

Characteristics of the Gemini Character

The Gemini really has two very different sides. Let your personal experiences help you decide if one side is wild and the other quiet.  Or if one side is a party animal and the other side studious. Which side you see often depends on the Gemini’s relationship with you.

Most Gemini usually has a great sense of humor. Gemini is known for having quick wit and a great laugh. This sign is usually smiling and happy- all with a magnetic personality. This sign loves children and children absolutely adore them. The Gemini has never really “grown up.” There is a big kid trapped inside of them who loves to play. Gemini is very in tune with their inner child.

Your Gemini partner/friend/family member hates being bored and won’t accept that state of mind. Gemini’s have a need to always be either physically active or mentally active. That being said Gemini gets bored quickly, especially with people or activities that aren’t on their mental level. If friends or partners don’t keep them engaged (again mentally and physically) they’re dropped quicker than when mercury rises on a hot summer day.

This type will also have an over active imagination and be very creative (remember big kid). A lot of Gemini are mentally on top of things. They are usually intelligent and able to converse on a myriad of topics. These great conversationalists typically love social settings. It gives them a chance to meet people and be engaged for hours. On the flip side of this your Gemini is able to rationalize a way out of any and all unpleasant situations they find themselves in. They are very charming and it’s hard for others to resist that twinkle in their eye and their beautiful smile.

They are also beyond energetic and tend to be extremely athletic. If you’re not in good shape, you probably will have a hard time keeping up with them (in and out of the bedroom). Gemini can be tremendously superficial. They tend to want partners who are physically attractive and lean. They can be content in a relationship with a person who is ugly on the inside as long as it’s not to them and the person is pleasing to the eye. On the down side the Gemini can be inattentive and indecisive. Since, they have so much energy and curiosity it’s hard to focus on one thing at a time.

Are you a Gemini? Do you know a Gemini personally? Let me know if I’m right or dead ass wrong J

Later babes….Yolanda

2 thoughts on “Astrology Meltdown Monday~The Gemini

  1. I’ve known a lot of Gemini. To be honest, they have kind of been my nemisis. *shakes fist and yells GEMINI!* They are dazzling at first, all talkitive, funny and interesting. But then, like you said, they get bored. And sometimes really really mean. I have found that the “evil twin” has a lot to do with their sun and ascendant signs. My most difficult Gemini relationship is with my MIL who has an Aries moon and Leo ascendant. She’s the meanest Gemini I’ve ever met. Anyway, I love Gemini when they are interested and feeling good. I just don’t like to be around them when they flip flop.


    1. Gemini, like most Air Signs, are very moody. I’m sorry you’ve been on the receiving end of that nasty aspect to Gemini’s personality. I agree that they are wonderful to be around when it’s party time.
      Thanks for your comment 🙂


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