Astrology Meltdown Monday

It’s a few days early but here it is-All you need to know about the Earth sign Taurus! Enjoy 🙂


April 20 – May 20

This is a complex character. At first glance Taurus appears soft-spoken, shy and gentle -a genuine laid back person. While they are all of these things, don’t be fooled. They are also so much more. Let’s dig in. Your Taurus is usually very dependable and trustworthy, unless they are down in the dumps. Once you have proven yourself a real friend to them they will always be in your corner forever (a truth for all Earth signs). If the Taurus gives his or her word about something it’s guaranteed unless an emergency happens.

In relationships they are devoted unless an emergency happens. In relationships they are devoted to their partner and if they do cheat it will truly only be in the physical sense. A Taurus usually will not leave a spouse or a partner they’re committed to, (especially if children are involved) as long as their needs are being met. They will leave if the relationship is destructive (a partner/spouse on drugs) or abusive. Your male Taurus loves his partner to be a domestic goddess. A female Taurus usually loves a partner who will put her on a pedestal-all the better if he or she cooks. Your Taurus loves to be spoiled, pampered and accepts nothing less. If they don’t find it at home there’s a strong possibility they will find it elsewhere.

Taurus is usually a good money saver. They follow budgets and love to save money in the bank, or in the shoebox, in the piggy bank, or in the jar in the cupboard. They don’t like to play with anybody’s money. A Taurus believes the best way to show love to a person is to be able to provide for them. This sign loves to work and is usually a very reliable worker, who the boss can depend on (as long as they feel they are being treated fairly).  In the bedroom the Bull should have plenty of stamina. They are not the kinkiest sign (leave that to Scorpio, Pisces and Aquarius) but they are in the top ten. They’ll usually try anything once (as long as they’re comfortable and it’s safe).

The Taurus has a slow burning temper. Meaning it takes a lot to make them mad but once they blow, they blow. Facing an angry bull is never a pretty experience. It will leave others traumatized. Two surefire areas that will make the Taurus blow a gasket are money and love. They do not like to be lied to or cheated on. If you want to leave the relationship tell them upfront. Believe it or not this sign can handle it. If you don’t want to be with them they’ll simply find someone else who does or enjoy being single for a while. Tell them the truth they’ll free you without a problem (usually) and no one gets hurt.

Never let a Taurus walk in on you stealing from them or having sex with someone else –you seriously may not live to tell about it. This sign can be moody and gets depressed easily (particularly if they’re broke or unemployed). They are sensitive so others need to be mindful of their feelings. They also love things in excess. There’s never a little bit of anything for a Taurus. This can cause many of them to have addiction issues with alcohol, drugs, sex and food.

*Remember this is for entertainment purposes only and comes from my vast experience of people watching and interactions*


Yolanda A.

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