Astrology Meltdown Monday

Astrology Meltdown Monday and the Virgo is up!


August  – September 22

The Virgo can be extremely critical of others. They often feel like it’s their right to tell people what they need to do to straighten out their lives. Much to the chagrin of the individual on the receiving end, the Virgo is usually right. Their intentions are mostly good. Despite their prickly manner Virgos typically have a good heart. 

Virgos are usually very neat individuals; they like order and abhor chaos. This may come across as very nit picky. Virgos also like to be clean. Some even take two or sometimes three showers a day if they’ve been doing activities that leave them feeling dirty. Yes, that means your Virgo will usually take a shower after sex.

The Virgo is usually hard-working and dependable. They are also very tight fisted. If you borrow money from them and not pay it back (on time) the Virgo will not let you forget.  They will find a way to get their money. Save yourself the grief and just give it to them (even if you have to establish a payment plan). It’s better than having a Virgo breathing down your neck for however long it takes you to pay them back.,

In a relationship Virgos are fun-loving and faithful. They like to hang at home and do things as well as go out and have a good time with their partner. They also like kids and are usually good parents. Virgos love to cook and be domestic. They like their home life to be peaceful. Arguing and loudness irritates them greatly. A partner who is prone to be either will not be with the Virgo for long.

Virgos have a great sense of humor and love to be entertained. They love to party and are prone to drink heavy. Some Virgos also have serious drug abuse issues. This personality should never use drugs since they are prone to abuse it.

That’s Virgo in a nutshell. Ladies and gentlemen let me know if I nailed it (or not) by leaving a comment below.

Until Later……Yolanda Ashton

**Please remember this information is for entertainment purposes only and is based on my years of “people watching” and personal research**

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