My Love of Reading Romance

Astrology Meltdown (Mondays) is going on hiatus. For the immediate future my blog will feature more info about me, my upcoming works and my favorites (songs, books, movies etc.).

I am a voracious romance reader. I read on average three to five books a week. Some books I read more and some less. Reading is an intricate part of my life ever since I read my first Harlequin romance novel at the age of eleven.

Why romance you might ask? For years that’s all I read. My job as a teacher required me to read  a bunch of academic material complete an obscene amount of paperwork. So reading romance novels allowed me to relax and enter another world. Through romance I’ve learned about different cultures, religions, places and ideologies. Romance is a genre that can be historical, paranormal, erotic, suspenseful and modern.

So what’s the point about my ramblings of reading romance? I’m sharing a list of my favorite romance authors below. So here it goes:

Favorite Authors (I’ll read practically anything they write):

Sherilynn Kenyon-Her books are amazing and Styxx is epic. I love mythology, so it’s like learning and romance.

Jayne Anne Krentz (Amanda Quick or Jayne Ann Castle) – Her stories are wonderful, suspenseful, romantic and sexy.

Christine Feehan- Paranormal elements + Intense romance + Awesome sex = Satisfaction

Jessica Sorensen- I love Ella and Micha…enough said

So if you haven’t already give the authors above a try. To help me read even more, post your favorite romance authors (and their books).

Until the next time 🙂

Yolanda Ashton

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