Television Travels

The temperature is still dropping and as we are forced to spend more time indoors, it’s a perfect time for television (and reading…see my earlier post about for a list of amazing New Adult books). Television is the cheapest way to travel. That’s right I said travel. Think about it, you meet different people, see different places all from the comforts of home. Amazing isn’t it? Whenever my finances allow I’ll travel to Europe, Egypt, South America… but until then I’m content to travel via television. There are certain places I love to go weekly; like Mystic Falls, New Orleans and Kitchen Stadium. But I love to ” tv travel” to other places and meet other people. I even travel to the past and visit some classic tv lands and characters. Below is a list of my all time favorite (past & present) television destinations. Maybe they’ll inspire you to do a little television traveling of your own, as the days seem to get even more frigid:

The Present

1. Vampire Diaries – I’m a sucker for paranormal shows. Throw in some vamps and I’m hooked. Plus Ian Somerhalder is crazy, sexy hot!

2. True Blood- Love triangles, sexy viking vamp, more vamps, werewolves, fairies and ordinary people. Plus I love Lafayette.

3. The Orginials- Klaus, Elijah and Marcel- Need I say more

4.  Chopped

5. SpongeBob Squarepants – Even though my five year old is barred from watching it, it’s one of my guilty pleasures

The Past (Wish they still made shows like these)

6. That 70′s Show

7. Family Ties

8. The Cosby Show

9. The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

10. The Dave Chapelle Show

11. Cheers- Still love the theme song (“where everybody knows your name….”)

What are your favorite television worlds to travel to?

Until later………. Yolanda Ashton

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