Music (A List of Favorites)

The other great love of my life (besides my kids & writing) is music. Music makes life better. It soothes the savage beast inside each of me and adds beauty to life. I have an extensive list of favorite songs including songs from several music genres; Pop, R&B, Gospel, Rock, Hip-Hop and Country.  When I was younger I watched MTV a lot (you know when MTV was actually music television) and was introduced to so many wonderful artists and equally wonderful songs. In no random order because I love them all equally:

1. This Woman’s Work-Maxwell

2. Gone – N’Sync

3. Fortunate- Maxwell (so good it’s numbered by itself)

4. Against All Odds- Phil Collins

5. Nothing Compares to You- Sinead O’ Connor

6.  Possibility- Lykke Li

7. My Sacrifice- Creed

8. Time After Time & True Colors- Cyndi Lauper

9. Earth Song – Micheal Jackson

10. When Doves Cry-Prince

11.Fly Away- Lenny Kravitz

12.It’s My Life- Bon Jovi

13. Under the Bridge  – Red Hot Chili Peppers

14. Jar of  Hearts – Christina Perri

15. End of the Road – Boys II Men

16. Crazy for You – Madonna

17. Dear Mama – Tupac

18. Love of My Life- Erykah Badu & Common

19. All the Man I Need – Whitney Houston

20. Hallelujah as song by Matthew Schuler

21. No Ordinary Love-Sade

22. Soul Sister- Train

23. U & I – Jodeci

24. Beautiful – Christina Aguilera

25. Before He Cheats – Carrie Underwood

26. The Rose – Bette Midler

30. Wicked Game- Kris Isak

31. The Piano Man- Billy Joel

32. No One & This Woman’s Worth- Alicia Keyes

Go ahead and download some of these songs on your music player, I bet you fall in love with them like I did.  I hope you enjoyed my foray into my favorites. Let me know your favorite songs or artists, so I can fall in love with even more music.


Yolanda Ashton

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