Heartbreakers…Are they just Misunderstood?

Definition of a Heart-breaker

Are heart-breakers just guys who can turn into the best lovers or husbands? I’m sort of in the middle with this statement. For the most part I believe heartbreaking are men who haven’t found love with their soul mate. Don’t get me wrong there are exceptions to this rule. Some heart-breakers are just jerks who will get what’s coming to them. Many players have also been hurt in the past and their heartbreaking ways are just a means to cope with the pain.

Or they could be got between a rock and a hard place like my character Sean in “His Source.”

I’ve listed my favorite (and some of the sexiest) – below:

1. Damon Salvatore (The Vampire Diaries)

2. Lothaire (from the novel Lothaire by Kresley Cole)

3. Eric Northman (True Blood)

4. Klaus (The Originals)

5. Tony Stark (Iron Man)

6. Marcus (played by Eddie Murphy in Boomerang)

 Until later

Yolanda Ashton


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