Friday Freebits

Friday Freebits

Here’s a six paragraph freebie of my contemporary, multicultural novella His Source. Enjoy!



“I don’t want you anymore.”

Startled, Alexis caught the glass of iced tea before it fell out of her hand and hit the floor. Alexis couldn’t believe he was doing this now, on their date night, in the middle of Thursday’s, in front of everyone. This was the first date night they’d managed to fit in for weeks. Alexis suddenly realized that wasn’t a coincidence. The bastard had started dumping her weeks ago. Taking a deep breath, reaching for strength from an unfamiliar place, she looked up into blue eyes and watched the lips that had brought her so much pleasure repeat the words.

“We can’t be together.”

Licking her lips, she began to say something, anything that would help make sense of the craziness spewing from Sean’s mouth. The word why was forming on hers when he held his hand up, stopping Alexis before she could speak.

“It’s been fun while it lasted, but I need to be with someone like me.”

His cold words stabbed my withered heart. Someone like him. So she was a freaking loser because she wasn’t Native American?

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4 thoughts on “Friday Freebits

  1. Wow…what a debut into Friday Freebits. Loved your six and can’t wait to read more. Sadly, I was late in checking the post and grelimins changed my scheduled one to “draft” so I was late ingetting the post to appear. I’ve done all my promotional stuff, left comments everywhere, and hopefully, you’ll continue with us. Love, love the drama I felt.


  2. What an embarrassing moment…the humiliation, I could almost feel the heat rising around her neck to her cheeks, the pounding of her heart in confusion over what’s happening at that very moment to have the man she cares so much about basically “dismiss” her as though she was just a plaything and nothing more. A breakup is hard enough without feeling as though you’ve stepped on Jerry Springer’s stage and been made the brunt of the joke.

    Definitely intrigued to find out more! Thanks for sharing!


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