Multi-Cultural Romance Blog-A-Thon presents Lena Hart


Introducing a Revolutionary Romance Anthology

By Lena Hart

I’m excited to be kicking off this month’s Multicultural Blog-a-Thon and would like to thank Yolanda Ashton for hosting this blog event!

 We all know real love transcends and overcomes all things. That is as true today as it was two hundred years ago. In the spirit of showcasing such unruly love, a group of authors and I produced an anthology of multicultural romance stories titled, FOR LOVE & LIBERTY: Untold Love Stories of the American Revolution.


In this collection of short romantic stories, romance authors Alyssa Cole, Kate McMurray, Stacey Agdern, and myself bring you tales of sedition, freedom, and forbidden love…

 AC_Elijah Kate

In BE NOT AFRAID by Alyssa Cole, a black Patriot captured by the British falls in love with a headstrong runaway determined to leave the colonies…

LH_James Siara

while a wounded British soldier discovers the healing power of love in the arms of a gentle native woman in A SWEET SURRENDER by Lena Hart…

KM_Charles Isaac

yet in REBELS AT HEART by Kate McMurray, two men must make hard choices if they are to stay together when war arrives on the shores of their home in New York City…

SA_Jacob Abigail

at last, in HOME by Stacey Agdern, a young Jewish couple must decide what can hold them together before war and geography tear them apart.

 These four tales are all set during the Revolutionary War, which marks a time when men were in search of, and believed in, a radical notion that all men were due to certain “inalienable” rights—rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. But happiness is not only a right, it’s an innate desire in all of us. Love can bring us that. It is an ancient concept that is timeless and everlasting. It has the power to not only break through color and cultural lines, but also show us that when it comes to matters of the heart, there are no such things as barriers.♥

 Meet the authors of FOR LOVE & LIBERTY (June 2014) and stop by their site to learn more about their individual story:

 1. Alyssa Cole is a Brooklyn-based romance writer; she hosts a Romance Book Club and teaches romance writing at the Jefferson Market Library in NYC.

2.  Lena Hart writes sensual, interracial romances with a hint of mystery and danger. Find her rambling at

 3. Kate McMurray is a writer, editor, and romance fan who writes smart and sexy gay romance.

4. Stacey Agdern is the two time award winning Romance Specialist at Posman Books, an independent bookstore located in Grand Central Terminal.

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