Multicultural Romance Blog-A-Thon presents Lena Hampton

Let’s talk about sex (or the lack there of)


 I’ve gotten mixed reviews about the heat level of Jack & Diane and Someone to Love. My books are about as spicy as a sprinkle of black pepper and I did that on purpose. The type of romance I write has several names. It’s sometimes called sweet, clean, or closed door.

I like the term closed door, because for the most part that’s exactly what happens. The sex happens behind closed doors. There’s no detailed description of part A being inserted into part B. Sorry but there are no quivering members, throbbing flowers, or heaving bosoms.

Why are they closed door?

Well for starters my novels also are free of foul language. As the euphemisms above demonstrate finding a clean way to describe down and dirty sex is cheesy at best.

Since the success of 50 Shades, romance has gotten sexier and sexier. The blurred line between romance and erotica has gotten blurrier. As a reader I was finding it more and more difficult to find stories that put emphasis on the emotional connection of the couple and not just their sexual chemistry.

I found the pickings particularly slim in the niche genre of interracial romance. I wanted to write stories where the black heroine was sought, and cherished, for who she was as a person and not just desired for her body. I wanted to write the stories I wanted to read.

Finally, and most importantly to me, my decision was one of faith. My talent (some would and have argued that I have none) is a gift from God. I couldn’t in good faith use that gift to write explicitly about sex.

Don’t get me wrong, I read some of those books that are so hot I have to keep the fire extinguisher next to the Kindle. I’m in no way judging those that do write racy romance or even erotica. It was just not the choice for me.  I just wanted to write about to people falling in love and provide an alternative 11 inch privates.

 Lena Hampton

6 thoughts on “Multicultural Romance Blog-A-Thon presents Lena Hampton

  1. I commend you for keeping to the sweeter end of things, Lena! For us sweet and sensual fans, it’s tough to find good romance stories that aren’t focused on just the physical side of things (IR included since that’s my fave subgenre). It’s my preference as a reader wherever I can find it. I’m looking forward to reading Jack and Diane and Someone to Love! Keep being true to yourself and your readers as we really appreciate it. 🙂


    1. Thank you Rae. It is hard to find. That’s why when I decided to write, I wrote what I wanted to read, and not just what I thought would sell.


  2. I am not anti-sex. I enjoy well written, well developed erotica, and there are some excellent authors out there writing some amazing books, but are we to believe that romance novels are only as good as the amount of sex they contain? Well, that’s just…wrong. I agree that…”the black heroine ‘should be’ sought, and cherished, for who she ‘is’ as a person and not just desired for her body.” Despite the story being called a romance, it can actually cheapen the entire book when the sexuality of the H/H is the focal point. Life experiences can show us that relationships based in sex do not last, or to put it another way, “What’s love got to do with it”?

    I’ve read romance novels from all genres, and the strongest, and IMHO, the best, are the ones where the heart’s the star with personal sacrifice and grand romantic gestures. And sex CAN (or cannot) play a big role in that – it just can’t be the only role.

    It is our nature to be attracted to others by what we see, but hopefully, our interest leads us to take the time to dig deeper and find out “who” that person is.

    Unless the title of the book is, “Sex, Sex, and MORE SEX!”, I can’t see the rationale of a low ranking review simply because it doesn’t…in that reader’s opinion…contain enough sex.

    Kudos to you for staying true to yourself, and for giving us a choice.


  3. I find your story telling a breath of fresh reading. Honestly, I’m all for erotica, but the novels being churned out lately are disappointing at best. It’s as if there a contest to see who can write the most raunchy crass sex scenes. Because the truth is, there are barely any plots to keep the reader engaged. I have enjoyed all 3 stories you’ve written so far and I am so invested in the budding romance and relationships that the sex is an after thought. And that is rare for my reading pleasure. Even the inclusion of religious talk really didn’t phase me.

    Ryan’s and Amara’s story left me underwhelmed with their story line, but I still enjoyed it some what.
    Will you be writing about Evan next?

    Keep writing 🙂


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