Multicultural Blog-A-Thon Presents Holley Trent


A Peek of Holley Trent’s Calculated Exposure


Calculated Exposure, my September 2013 Lyrical Press release, is the second title in the Hearts and Minds series. These books all feature geeks and the women who love them. In Calculated Exposure, an Irish mathematician meets his match in a Cuban photographer:

 She went to Ireland looking for a muse, but found a mathematician instead.

 Photojournalist Erica Desoto has spent five weeks in Western Europe hoping for inspiration, with just one decent photo to show for her effort. And that shot was accidental. As her sabbatical comes to a close, she’s ready to give up on her portfolio altogether.

 Serial dater Curt Ryan isn’t looking for love…or even a distraction. With a PhD to finish and his family under intense scrutiny by the Irish press, he already has too much on his plate. But when his godchildren barrel into a pretty American who just happens to live a few hours from where he studies in North Carolina, a new distraction is exactly what he gets.

Back in the States, Erica and Curt initiate an incendiary no-strings-attached affair that inevitably has both questioning what they want…and what they’re willing to do to get it. Mathematician Curt risks emotion clouding his logic. For Erica, keeping her muse close may mean embracing the exact things she ran from as a young woman. Is exposing their hearts a calculated risk both are willing to take?

Here’s an excerpt from the CRW Award of Excellence finalist book:

 She grinned as she resumed her cutting. “You make it sound like you have one foot in the grave.”

 “Feels like it some mornings. I should try clean living at least once in my adult life.”

“Not too clean, I hope.”

 “Now, now. Don’t go getting any ideas.” He winked.

 When she winked back, he returned to the narrow kitchen and wrapped his arms around her waist from the back.

 She felt his lips graze her ear, and his hands’ warmth as he slipped his fingers into her waistband.

 “We haven’t even had dinner yet.”

 He moved her hair back from her neck using his chin and pressed his lips against her neck’s sensitive crook.

“I…” She sucked in some air. “I thought you were hungry, rubio.”

 Another chuckle.

 The air was nearly breathable again.

“My appetite has suddenly changed.” He worked one hand out of her pants just enough to undo the catch and work the zipper down. With more freedom for exploration, he delved back into her panties and thrummed his fingers against her clit. With his other hand, he dipped fingers into her wet sex and spread her lips demonstrably. “I want to be in there.”

 She could barely parse the words, because he was unrelenting with his teasing. His lips, teeth, then tongue attended to one of her naked earlobes, shifting her concern of things down low to his mouth up high. His gentle abrading reminded her of where else that mouth had been. “I…”

 He pressed the tips of two fingers inside her as a reminder of what they could be doing. “Hmm?”

 “I…I want you in there, but don’t you have math to do?”

 He released her earlobe, but pressed his body closer to her back so she could feel his swollen arousal probing her jean-covered rear. “It can wait.”

 “I think dinner can wait, too.”

 “We’ll probably be more hungry when we’re done.”

 She didn’t doubt it.

 When he pulled his hands free of her pants, he gave her rear an appreciative pat and sent her on her way. “Irish girls don’t have asses like that.”

 She placed her hands over the noted area.

 He swatted them away.

 “Is that good or bad?”

 “Depends on how you like asses,” he mused as she snapped on a lamp inside the bedroom. “Personally, I admire a bit of junk.”

 “Oh, I’ve got junk in spades,” she mumbled, feeling a bit self-conscious. “It’s where I store all my Latin passion.”

 Whatever trepidation she’d had, his eager hands quelled. He shimmied her jeans down her hips, and disposed of her soaked panties next. Now, her shirt was the more pressing concern. He peeled it over her head with all the reverence of a child unwrapping a Christmas gift and immediately unhooked her bra.

 Her gut contracted at his gentle touch, which gradually became more intense.

 He palmed her breasts, squeezing her nipples between splayed fingers, and resumed his torturous laving of her neck.


 She turned in his embrace, and instead of questioning her, he merely removed his glasses. Then his shirt joined hers on the floor.

 He poised his hands to manage his shorts’ button, but Erica pushed them away. “Let me help.”

“Quid pro quo, huh?”

 “No. You’re slow.”

 Calculated Exposure is available from these and other e-book vendors: All Romance eBooks | Amazon | Barnes and Noble | iTunes | Kensington Publishing | Kobo

 Look for the third book in the Hearts & Minds series—Seeing Red—on June 16!

 About the Author

Holley Trent is a Carolina girl gone west. Raised in rural, coastal North Carolina, she currently resides on the Colorado Front Range. She writes sassy contemporary and paranormal romances ranging from sensual to erotic. See her full backlist of tiles at


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