Multicultural Romance Blog-A-Thon Presents Rebekah Weatherspoon

Thanks for having me, Yolanda!

Hey Romance Fans! My new story, Fit (#1 in the Fit Trilogy) hits virtual shelves June 3rd. An interracial erotic romance featuring a Chinese-American heroine and a White hero, Fit follows Violet Ryan’s attempt to get in shape, complicated by her hot trainer, Grant Gibson, and his attempt to get with her.

Here’s an except:

Grant took the other seat and offered Violet an easy smile. He was dangerous, this one. “So tell me about yourself,” he said.

“Well. I’ve been wanting to get in shape. Actually, I have a goal weight I want to reach. I know it’ll take a long time. I can be patient, but I need to get started. I’m sick of looking this way and I’m sure, in some way I’m not seeing, these extra pounds can’t be good for my health.”

“That’s cool. So why don’t you tell me about yourself?” Grant repeated. He licked his lips, then smiled even wider.

Violet almost kicked him in his stupid shin, but that grin he flashed her melted her reflexes. He was sarcastic. Okay. She could do sarcastic.

Violet leaned forward and mimicked his tone. “Why don’t you tell me about yourself. I’m fat. I want to pay you to make me unfat. Why don’t you tell me how you’re going to make that happen.”

Grant sat back and stretched his long legs out beside her chair. She thought about straddling him and kissing that look of satisfaction right off his face. But as fun as the brief fantasy seemed, it wouldn’t help her achieve her weight-loss goal.

“I’m not going to make anything happen. It’s on you, but here’s how I can help.”

“I’m listening.”

“I believe our outside reflects the way we feel inside, whether that’s good or bad, clean-cut or complicated. For some people, it’s about our weight. For others it’s about the way we dress or the way we sport our hair or the way we accessorize. Buddy of mine won’t leave the house without his gold watch.”

“That makes sense. So you want to know about my insides?”

Grant chuckled as he shifted in his chair. He had dimples under all that scruff. “Yes, Violet. I want to get inside of you.”

“Well, all you had to do was ask. My car is right around the corner.”

“Tempting. Really it is.” For a moment, Violet thought he might be serious. She might have issues with her weight but she wasn’t completely hopeless with men. She knew when a guy was flirting, and Grant climb-me-like-a-tree-and-shake-all-my-branches Gibson was definitely flirting. Or so she thought. He got right back to business.

“But that’s not exactly what I mean. I have clients who come to me to lose weight for weddings or movies they’re starring in or just to get back at their spouses, but every once in a while I have a client who wants to lose weight for themselves. In order to help you with that, I want to know why you put the weight on in the first place and why you keep it on. That way I can help you take it off and keep it off. Basically, I want to be the last trainer you see.”

Oh, he was good. Smooth, honest, and a bit poetic. He could be the last of anything Violet ever had. Too bad he was talking about the circumference of her thighs and not gracing her bed or her backseat with his own gorgeous body.

“Tell me more about your techniques,” she said. “Margaret made it sound like you were the Fatty Whisperer .”

Grant’s laughter sputtered out this time, his eyes alight with humor. “I do have a way about me that people seem to appreciate. I won’t deny that, but, really, I would like to get to know you.”

Catch the rest of the story on June 3rd!


Rebekah Weatherspoon was raised in Southern New Hampshire and now lives in Southern California. Her love of writing keeps her busy, and occasionally, out of trouble. You can find her at

Rebekah Weatherspoon  Romance Novelist and Screenwriter
Where the Happily Ever Afters are always in color

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