A Will For Love Update


I’m soo excited about my upcoming release A Will for Love. It’s scheduled to hit the estands on Feburary 11! I have so many events (cover reveals, pre-order links, contest info) planned for its release and will be sharing that info in the next couple of weeks. Right now enjoy the pre-release blurb:

A WIll for Love’s Blurb

Lanya gave her love and trust to a man, only to find out their relationship was a lie. Shattered she decides she’s never give her heart to anyone again. But when her ex, Mikael LockRidge, offers her a proposition she can’t refuse Layna finds being with him , makes it hard to resist the sensual pull between them.

Blackmailed to commit an act that still haunts him, Mikael accepts his current loveless relationship as karma. But when he receives unexpected help from the grave, Mikael realizes he wants back what he lost– he just has to convince the ex he gutted- to let him back in her life and her heart.

*I’ve also updated my site to include info about my very first release, Sarim’s Scent. It was published back in the day (the day of May 16th, 2012 to be exact). Check it out!*


Yolanda A. 🙂

3 thoughts on “A Will For Love Update

  1. Loved the blurb! Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading the book. Congrats on the upcoming release!

    Belinda G


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