Novel Lines~ A Will for Love


Below are some of my favorite lines from my upcoming novella A Will for Love:

  • ..her eyes met the sky blue eyes that made her nights an emotional hell.
  • .. he had to tell Layna he was about to marry the woman he’s been engaged to his birth.
  • Eyes that once gazed at her with love, idolized her body with desire were now cold and foreign.
  • Mikael wondered how in the hell he would convince Layna to give him another chance.
  • …..Because the man, who had already devastated her life once, had the power to do it again.
  • “I am not excited to see him.”..Her voice sounded weak to her own ears.
  • “Did you not take my virginity, allow me to fall in love with you, connect to you, while being engaged to another woman?

I tried to capture sexy, emotional, funny and intense moments of Layna and Mikael’s story w/ these lines. Let me know what you think 🙂 

Until next time….

Yolanda A.


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