Work In Progress ~ Venom (a Multicultural New Adult Romance)

I’m sharing (finally as promised) a 777 word snippet of my W.I.P, tentatively titled Venom. It’s Multicultural New Adult romance. Please remember this is a rough snippet and has not been edited. Let me know what you think. I welcome your thoughts.

Chapter 1

“Why are you here?”

I tried to ignore the how it felt like my heart was being pierced by the way he was talking to me. He was angry, very much so. His stance his tense, his full lips rigid and any love he had previously for me was not shining in his artic green eyes. The red flush on his cheekbones was from anger.  His glare raked over me like I was bothering him.

So why was I here? I was a fool for love, the biggest one yet. Despite the many obstacles that were thrown in our path I was the dumb ass that truly believed love would find a way. With a deep sigh I realized love probably wasn’t going to help me tonight.

“Can I come in?”

He stepped out of the door way and stood to the side.
“Make it quick Alexis, I’m busy.”

Ignoring the new jab that tore into my heart a little bit more, I stepped in and looked around. He didn’t look busy. His living room was clean. Candles were lit on the table, along with a plate of wings.

“What do you what?”

I snapped out of observation mode and looked back at the face that had brought me so much love in the past and a fair share of pain.

“I heard you got into a fight.”

“Yeah so?”

The hard glint in his eyes didn’t bode well for the answers I was seeking. Okay this was going to be harder than I thought. I swallowed.

“I wanted to know what you fighting about?”

I hated the way I sounded, weak and unsure of myself.  Why couldn’t I be the type of girl who took control of a situation and demanded answers, all while sounding like she didn’t give a damn.

He continued with his glacial stare and then gave me a wicked smile. Again the feeling of not liking his answer was burning in my stomach.

“Are you sure you really want know what Matthew and me were fighting about?”

He moved and stood in front of me. I could see evidence of his run in with Matthew. Matthew was a big guy and he left proof of that. Jonah had a purple bruise forming under his right eye and a cut lip. Despite that he was still the hottest guy I’d ever seen.

“I fucked his girlfriend Kelly last night and he found out about it.”

I gasped at the pain that ripped through my heart.

“And here she is now.” He continued

I turned around to see a red mustang pull up in his driveway. I turned back to Jonah with disbelief in my heart. Before I could ask him what the hell was going on with him I heard a perky, high pitch voice behind me.

“Babe, we still on for tonight?” She eyed me with irritation and flipped her long blonde hair as she walked around me straight into Jonah’s arms.

Standing there like a petrified dumb ass, I watch the guy who was supposed to my boyfriend hug another girl in front me. He gave her a quick kiss on the lips before they both looked up at me.

“Alexis in case you haven’t figured it out yet, we’re done. Now get the hell out.”


After leaving Jonah’s house that night, I stood in front of my bathroom mirror and realized things needed to change in my life. First off I needed to stop being that girl. The one who lets her scumbag boyfriend cheat on her, treat her like dirt and still stick around because she believes their love will conquer on. Secondly I needed a makeover.

The natural girl look was obviously not working on me. Thankfully my brown skin was smooth and pore-less because I never wore makeup.  My shoulder length black hair was more often than not pulled back in a ponytail.  Wiping the tears off my face I took a critical look at myself. My cheekbones were high and combined with my light brown eyes, gave me a slightly exotic look. My lips were fat but shaped well. My friend Rebekah had even told me they were very similar to Kerry Washington’s. Even though it was superficial and shallow I needed to make the most of my looks.

And lastly I needed to move. My circle of friends was limited and there was no one in my life I considered a BFF. Months ago my father, who lived on The Outer Banks, had offered me the use of his small beach cottage. It was time to take him up on his offer.


2 thoughts on “Work In Progress ~ Venom (a Multicultural New Adult Romance)

  1. Great snippet! I now want to know what the hell happen between Jonah and Alexis! That encounter was intense. Now that Alexis has final realized she need to make a change to heal. I want to know how she fared.

    Hopefully, this will be for sale shortly. Right? I’ll look forward to reading it.

    Thanks for sharing Yolanda!

    Belinda G


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