Upcoming Course

Have you finished with your manuscript and need to do a thorough self-edit before sending it to editors and beta readers? Check out my course that runs from March 14- March 20 at Savvy Authors:

Polishing your Romance Story

Get your romance story ready for submission in ONE WEEK!

This workshop will provide techniques and tools that will make your story flow, your characters believable and leave your readers wanting more!
Voice and Style: Do your characters have their own unique style? Is your (author) style genuine? If not this section will give you information and techniques to make that happen. This section will also include when to show and when to tell.

Characterization: Are your characters believable? Will readers connect with your hero and heroine? In this section the presenter will be discussed that will make your characters detailed and genuine It will also explore the motivations that drive your characters.

Dialogue and Setting: Do your characters interact with their setting? In this section the presenter will discuss how dialogue can be used to add depth to your book and enhance world building.

Chapter Hooks & Writing Practices: Are bad writing habits hurting your story’s flow? Learn how to hook readers chapter after chapter so they FINISH your book! Tips and techniques for cleaning up your writing and hooking readers will be discussed in this section.

Bonus Writing Trends!

Interested? More info and sign up at: http://www.savvyauthors.com/Community/index.php?Event/polishing-your-romance-story-with-yolanda-ashton.139/




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