Weekend Revelations

After the cluster f*ck of 2020 and 2021, I’ve finally made time to pursue my interests/passions. One thing the pandemic has taught me is the need to do things and enjoy things now. My goals are to reignite my writing career and pursue hobbies I’ve put on the back burner. Well folks this weekend I took more steps in pursuing that path.

I attended a wonderful candle making and perfume making workshop at a lovely place called Scent Workshop. I had a blast, met some interesting folk and made some great things (pictures below). My perfume had a lot of floral notes (… cactus flower, hibiscus, geranium, to name a few) and my candle was an eclectic mix of lemongrass (very strong but one of my fave scents, I learned to use it sparingly, mojito, and dark plum). My interest in developing a niche candle and perfume line was reawakened. I’m currently in deep thought about how to make that happen.

I also read a murder mystery (with a splash of romance) and my taste for those type of stories was renewed… or maybe it was just the author :). Christine Feehan does a mystery right! I’ve always enjoyed her paranormal romance but I was pleasantly surprised by her novel Murder At Sunrise Lake. If you enjoy your murder mystery sprinkled with romance, girl power and friendships… give it a read.

So friends, after my semi-busy weekend I’ll say go ahead and do those things you’re interested in and try something new…. even if it’s just a book that’s not your usual preference. I did and I have no regrets.

Until next time…… Yolanda.

My finished candle. I named it’s scent Summer.

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