Yolanda Ashton…..

Has finally returned to the writing life after Covid, a move, a new job and well…. life. Yolanda’s a 40+ year old author who enjoys reading romance books just as much as she enjoys writing them….. and poetry.
She’s a middle school educator who writes second chance romances with diverse characters….. When she manages to stretch time or add more hours to a day (sometimes both).

Things I love:

Marvel Movies… (DC movies too, especially Snyder’s)

TikTok (It’s my new social media obsession…. I’m hooked)

Music ( pop, old school hip hop, J. Cole, R-n-B)

Harry Potter 

French fries, Pizza and broccoli (in that order)

Scented candles 

Favorite Romance Genres to Read:


Second Chance 

Reunited Lovers

Young Adult

4 thoughts on “Yolanda Ashton…..

  1. Hi, Yolanda. Great blog! I love paranormal romances, too and write romance 🙂 We have a few other things in common, also – I’m a huge Iron Man and Marvel Movie fan, love Vampire Diaries, and like the books based on True Blood (Charilene Harris, Sookie Stackhouse series). Hope your writing is going well! Have a wonderful week!!

    Laurie Kozlowski


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